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New Template: Medical centers

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Do you have a clinic or medical centre and would like to implement email marketing? Are you currently using it, but want to change or improve your image? Take advantage of our new free template to communicate effectively with your subscribers and patients.

With our, flexible and fully customisable, new template for clinics, you will be able to leverage communications with your customers and subscribers to make yourself even better known. Present your clinic and all its services so that people know what specialities are available in your centre.

In this sector, opinions are very important. Take advantage of the block we have included where you will be able to share those comments left by your patients. Your subscribers will know what those who have already been in the hands of your specialists think. 

With this template, you can also make it easier for your clients to manage their consultations. In a quick and easy way, they will be able to access all the specialists working in your centre to arrange a visit with them. 

Don't think about it and go for this template: you will be able to maintain your brand image, bet on an agile and direct communication and facilitate the management of reservations.

Take advantage of the new email template to boost your clinic's campaigns and get the most out of your email marketing. Communication with your customers will be more fluid and you will achieve greater growth in your business.

Don't forget to combine email marketing with social media. Take advantage of the footer of this template and add links to your social media profiles to generate greater impact among your subscribers.

This responsive template can be easily adapted to your needs and those of your subscribers, thanks to our easy and intuitive online editor.

In Acrelia News we offer you a wide gallery of email templates to help you create professional email marketing mass mailings.

All Acrelia News' email templates, such as the "Clinics Template" you are seeing now, are responsive and are prepared to be displayed optimally in the most popular email managers, browsers and mobile devices and tablets.

Create your free account now and in just a few minutes your newsletter will be ready to be sent to your subscribers.

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