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Discover all the possibilities of our mailing software for companies.

Discover why Acrelia News is the ultimate email marketing platform to communicate with your customers in a simple, effective and professional way

Create professional campaigns in just a few clicks

Customize the design of your campaigns easily and visually thanks to our powerful online editor.

100% responsive emails

Your email campaigns are viewed correctly on most popular mail clients and on mobile devices and tablets.

Also, you have an extensive library of fully customizable designs, adaptable to your corporate image, at your disposal.

Easy online editor

Improve user’s experience

Avoid SPAM. Improve user’s experience.

Acrelia offers you utilities to have a good deliverability for your emails and a good user’s experience.

  • Anti-spam analyser, to detect elements in your campaign that could send your email straight to the junk mail box.
  • Link verifier, to check with just one click that there are no broken links in your campaign.
  • Message and image weight calculator, to avoid being classified as SPAM and improve user’s experience.
  • Colour-blind filter, to check the accessibility of your campaign and make sure that everybody sees it good.

Multi-account email marketing tool

With Acrelia Multi-account you can control all the emails sent by your company from the same place. Creating all the subaccounts that your company needs and letting each of them work independently with its own users, campaigns, data base and statistics.

Save money

Unifying your email marketing with Acrelia, you just pay for the total expense of your company, and not for every department expense. Forget about premium plans, with Acrelia all the functionalities are includes, no matter which plan you choose.

Easy online editor

Personalize and segment your emails

Creating personalized content for each of your subscribers is very easy with Acrelia News.

In a single email sending you can contemplate all the customization and segmentation options you need, creating dynamic content that changes according to who the recipient of your email is and depending on the information you have from him.

No technical knowledge required!

Real-time advanced statistics

Acrelia News statistics module gives you all the information you need
to improve the performance of your email campaigns.

Reading time · Opens per device · Clicks map · Tracking of clicks and opens · Tracking of returns, spam reports and unsubscribes · Contact activity · Forwarding to friends · Paper prints · Retaining subscribers · Downloading and printing of statistics reports · Google analytics

Real-time advanced statistics

Free support and advise

Working with Acrelia News you will have at your disposal a personal advisor specialized in email marketing to help you set up your account and get the most out of your email marketing.


Application integration

Automatically synchronise the subscribers and customers of your ecommerce, blog or website and send them personalised email campaigns according to their interests and needs.

Real-time advanced statistics

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