Fast and personalized email marketing to publicize cultural heritage

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Discover all the possibilities of our mailing software for companies.

Acrelia is a very visual and easy to use mass mailing platform, so you can quickly launch a strategy with the aim of disseminating cultural projects.

With our customization options, it is very easy to direct messages focused on being visited and going to concert halls, art exhibitions or any type of cultural event that is organized in your environment.

Among our clients, the following stand out:
cultural and leisure entities:

How can you use Acrelia to communicate your cultural heritage?

One of our expert email marketing advisors can show you in a personalized way.

With Acrelia, addressing potential visitors to your territory is very simple.

Convince them to come

  • Tell them what news you are preparing to arouse their curiosity.
  • Let them know about the calendar of events so that they can book their visit in advance.
  • Encourage participation with questions, surveys, and sweepstakes.
  • Have them share their opinions to learn more about their cultural interests.
  • Encourage them with exclusive offers and discounts for subscribers.

Our platform helps you sell

  • Use our API to connect your ticketing system and prepare campaigns that leverage the data you have.
  • Create forms to get new subscribers interested in your cultural and leisure programming.
  • Insert videos and image galleries to better show upcoming openings and capture greater interest from your contacts.
  • Send messages with a countdown to generate expectation around the activities of art halls, theater or concerts.
  • Customize the design to reflect both your brand and the exhibitions or works you're communicating.

email marketing

  • You'll get more attention to the cultural heritage you represent.
  • You will be more interested in visiting your area.
  • You will increase the number of loyal customers.
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Achieve your goals in a couple of clicks

Choose from our pre-designed templates: you will only have to change the images and text to put yours and message ready to send!

Reuse blocks from other campaigns to save time, streamline your email marketing and achieve results without a lot of additional effort.

Integrate other applications to automatically synchronize your databases, segment to personalize messages and offer them valuable content for each of them.

Benefits of using a multi-account mailing tool


of experience working with cultural and leisure companies.

+200.000.000 SENDINGS

from the cultural sector made per month with our platform.

With the confidence of using a Spanish tool

We help you comply with the GDPR to respect the consent of users, so you will maintain their interest and avoid possible fines.

We offer support by phone or email and you will always be attended by email marketing experts, not sales people.

We simplify billing so you can use all our features without limiting your opportunities.

Start saving time and improving the service you offer to the population.


We accompany you from the first newsletter

Acrelia is a mass mailing platform, but we also offer you an email marketing service so you can start taking the right first steps.

Start-up assistance:

we audit your database to structure it so that you can make it more profitable, we generate the forms adapted to the RGPD and we recommend the necessary segmentation.

First mailing:

an expert advisor will guide you through the creation of your first campaign, from the content of the message to the evaluation of the statistics, so that you can exploit the full potential of our platform.

Design of your newsletter template:

always following your corporate identity and ensuring the visualisation in any device and email reader, you will also be able to edit and duplicate it to adapt it to your needs.

Continuous training:

both upfront and on a regular basis, we organise sessions to keep your team up to date with the latest trends and best practices in email marketing.

Our catalogue of services covers more options: ask us about all the possibilities

Cultural companies that use our platform
get the most out of your email marketing
thanks to these functionalities:

The most powerful campaign editor on the market to create accessible messages that everyone can read and personalise with your data.

The best anti-spam analysis to ensure that mailings reach the inbox.

Desktop and mobile previews, as well as Gmail crop notices, to make your messages look perfect.

Our automatic list maintenance processes unsubscribes, complaints and returns instantly so you don't waste any email.

Blocks of all the formats you can imagine: one, two and up to three columns, videos, QR, countdown... and you can even reuse content from previous sendings.

An email verification service to clean your databases of non-existent addresses and ensure the deliverability of your campaigns.

Dynamic content to save time in designing campaigns so that subscribers only see what they are interested in.

Detailed statistics of user behavior in real time so that you can identify points of improvement in future campaigns.

In addition, more than 100 responsive templates to cover all types of mailings.

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Acrelia also offers you an SMS sending service so that communication with users does not end in email.

You can compose and personalize the messages and consult the results in real time.

Do you still have doubts about how to apply email marketing to your cultural or leisure entity?

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