Multi-account email marketing platform

With several people sending email campaigns, you can't get results without a tool that allows you to manage all the accounts from the same place. It has to be an agile platform, with easy to manage users, shared resources and total security. This is Acrelia, the platform that unifies the email marketing management of your entire company.

Manage email marketing for your entire business

What type of company is using our multi-account functionality?

Acrelia's clients include:

Companies with different departments or business units sending newsletters. Each department has its own users, databases and campaigns. The company can have a global knowledge of the mailings but maintaining the autonomy of each one of them.

Companies with different locations that want to unify their sendings in a single tool. The sites can work in their own language, communicating independently with their contacts. The company controls global communication, the associated costs and the resources used.

Franchises that help their franchisees to promote themselves. By providing them with an easy-to-use mailing tool and resources to promote themselves in a simple way. The franchise ensures that there is consistency in the way the brand is communicated.

Agencies that manage email marketing for their clients. They need a powerful email platform that allows them to send their clients' newsletters independently but in a unified way. The agency achieves substantial savings in management time and costs.

Why use Acrelia's multi-accounts?

The benefits of managing all the sendings of your company makes from a single main account are:

Better internal organisation and save time by being able to create as many sub-accounts as you need, without limit.

More agility because users have a powerful and easy-to-use email marketing tool at their disposal.

More security because different permissions are assigned to each user to comply with the GDPR.

Fewer errors thanks to our training, personalised advice and priority technical support.

More performance from each database by integrating independently with other external applications and your CRM.

More control of the total budget by being able to carry out an exhaustive control of expenses according to their use.

Better use of corporate resources for campaign design thanks to shared spaces for templates and files.

Better economic conditions and special plans plus exclusive benefits such as priority access to new features.

How does the Acrelia multi-account work?

In addition to all of Acrelia's functionalities (visual editor, dynamic content, email verifier, anti-spam analyser), multi-account simplifies email marketing management for complex companies in need:

Create a common repository for all or some sub-accounts with photos, logos or documents.

Share templates so that all submissions respect the Corporate Identity Manual and are updated with the correct images.

Collaborate between sub-accounts to use the same content, not just the design.

Assign fully customised permissions for each user, e.g. to separate different tasks.

Manage users to comply with your security and password protection policy.

Enable collaboration between users from different departments or from the same department to make workflows more effective.

Monitor in a unified but independent way: each sub-account has its own databases, campaigns and statistics.

Control total cost by renewing plans and allocating appropriations manually.

Know how each sub-account is using your email marketing, such as the total number of contacts or total number of mailings sent.

View the status of sent and scheduled campaigns from a single screen.

Massively manage contacts to ensure compliance with the GDPR and reliably remove or unsubscribe anyone who requests it.

Send massively to all lists in a personalised way, each one with its sender, subject and time zone.

Customise the platform with your own corporate image to keep brand consistency for your organisation's employees or locations.

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