Email marketing is essential within your clients' marketing strategy. So you can effectively manage their email campaigns, Acrelia News provides you with Agency Edition, which lets you manage multiple customers from a single main account.

Agency Edition is ideal for agencies and companies that, for organizational issues, need an email marketing platform that allows them:

Control different subaccounts from a main account

Design, manage and share email multi-device templates quickly and easily

Provide to their customers a powerful and easy to use email marketing tool

Integrate email marketing into their CRM and management applications

Manage user profiles and assign permissions to employees and customers

Perform a control of expenses and of comprehensive use

Disposing of a priority technical support and personal advice

Enjoy special conditions and exclusive benefits to help them improve their service to their customers

Agency Edition support

agency edition support

The Agency Edition support allows you to manage independently but unified different subaccounts from one, so that each has their own lists, campaigns and statistics.

agency edition support

You'll find it very useful if you manage email campaigns for different clients, if you need to manage the emailing of various departments in your company, several organizations etc.

agency edition support

Each new subaccount you create will have its own configuration and users and you, as the administrator, can manage and control all from a single control panel.

Users and work teams management without limits

In Acrelia News you can work collaboratively on your email marketing campaigns. Organize work teams of any size, create as many users as you need and thoroughly define the permissions of each of them. With Acrelia News it is very easy to manage your workflows and equipment more effectively.

Users and teams management

Special conditions

Being an Acrelia News' agency partner lets you enjoy many advantages:


Together we'll find the best solution for your agency's email marketing