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Email marketing platform

Email marketing platform certified by the National Security Framework - ENS

Acrelia is certified by the National Security Framework - in the medium category, with more than 68 measures implemented, making it the only email marketing platform with this level of compliance.

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Multi-account and multi-user

Improve the creation and delivery of messages from any of your departments with centralised management, templates that respect your corporate identity and shared files that facilitate collaboration between teams. This gives you better control over how your email marketing budget is allocated.

Secure and GDPR-compliant administration

Easily create as many accounts as you need, each with their own databases, campaigns and statistics. You can assign different permissions to each user to respect the privacy of your contacts.

Benefits of using a multi-account mailing tool

Free and collaborative email templates gallery

In our gallery you will find more than 150 designs, all 100% responsive and customisable. In addition, with the multi-account option, you can share the ones you want so that the rest of your company can use them.

Email Marketing templates

Free email marketing templates gallery
Create your campaign easily with our editor

Your campaign in just a few clicks

Our editor makes it so easy to create campaigns that your design will be ready to send in minutes - just customise your text and images. You can also add videos, buttons, countdowns, QR codes and much more.

In addition, your email campaigns will be displayed correctly in the most popular email clients and on mobile devices and tablets.

100% customised emails

Segment your mailing so that each recipient receives a different message totally personalised according to the information you have about them. All from a single mailing campaign and without technical knowledge thanks to Acrelia's dynamic fields.

Personalise your emails

Application integration

Application integration

Connect your CRM with our API and automatically synchronise your subscribers and customers to get more out of your database and save time by offering them targeted content.

Real-time advanced statistics

We provide you with all the information you need to improve the performance of your mailings: from opens, read time, forwards and click map, to tracking bounces, spam and unsubscribes so that all your lists stay clean and your deliverability is not affected.

Reading time · Opens by device · Click Map · Tracking clicks and openings · Track bounces, complaints and unsubscribes · Contacts activity · Forward to friend · Printouts · Subscriber retention · Download and print statistical reports · Google analytics

Reports for multi-account management

Each sub-account has its own statistics and only users with permission can view them. As an administrator, you will be able to see how the different sub-accounts use their email marketing, such as the size of their database or how many campaigns they have sent.

Complete and detailed statistics

Free support and advise

Working with the Acrelia News mailing platform you will have at your disposal a personal advisor specialised in email marketing to help you set up your account and get the most out of your email marketing.

Personalised support and advice

Email marketing management service

Email marketing agency

With Acrelia's advanced email campaign management service, we will become your agency: we can design templates, write copys, manage and segment your database, schedule mailings and audit your results. Always with total guarantee of confidentiality.

Email marketing services

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