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10 examples of interactive emails

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Imagen 10 examples of interactive ema

Interactive messages are very appealing to users, and that's why they offer many advantages for email marketing strategies. The main advantage is that they increase reading time by captivating the recipient with a type of email different from what they are used to receive. This additional engagement influences both the brand's reputation and the campaign's conversion rate.

There are different ways to design an interactive email, and that's why we offer you a selection of examples that will serve as inspiration if you want to take advantage of this type of emails.


Navigate through an image carousel

Although social media has made carousels highly appreciated for storytelling or showing different perspectives of a product, it is still surprising to find them as they are not very common in emails.


Imagen Game of Thrones Newsle

Source: Really Good Emails


Use the mouse with images

Usually, the only thing a user has to do in a campaign is to click to leave the email or to go to a webpage. But in an interactive email, they can also be asked to drag the cursor as if they were scratching a coupon to reveal what prize is underneath.


Imagen Black Friday Newsle

Source: Really Good Emails


Flip the images

Just like in a card game, it's possible to click on an image to see what's behind it instead of leaving the email. This can be interesting for quick response games or to reveal a hidden product in an Advent calendar.


Imagen Advent Calendar Newsle

Source: Really Good Emails


Expand information with infographics or interactive images

If a triangle is synonymous with "Play" in videos, the plus symbol is being used in images to display more information. By including it in an email, an accordion or dropdown is expanded. In this example, they also inform the user that they can interact with the images.


Imagen Interactive Newsle

Source: Really Good Emails

Embedded Videos

The possibility of watching a video within the email itself is very interesting from the brand's perspective because it offers a more immersive experience. If, in addition, other interactive elements are included, the entire message becomes a unique sales opportunity, and the user is likely to forward it or talk about it.


Imagen Embedded Videos Newsle

Source: Really Good Emails

Choosing between product models

To display different colors or models of the same product, a regular message would include several photographs. An interactive one allows users to navigate among the available options and add the chosen one to their cart.


Imagen Apple Product Newsle

Source: Really Good Emails


Changing the entire message design

Taking the previous example to the next level, it's possible to select a style and apply it to the entire message. This way, each user can feel more predisposed to buy the product because they have already chosen the model they are interested in and have been able to see it from various angles.


Imagen Product or Color Change Newsle

Source: Really Good Emails


Playing without leaving the email

Simple games are the most addictive ones, that is, they will make the user spend more time with the email open, trying to overcome the level. It is not necessary to prepare complex programming, just offer the possibility of having a fun time with the brand.


Imagen Interactive Game Newsle

Source: Really Good Emails

Interactive Questionnaires

A good way to help users decide what to buy is to ask them with a simple set of questions that lead them to discover the product they need. They just need to answer the questions, and in the end, they'll find the best solution for them. Since it's an interactive questionnaire, they will be more convinced that it is the right choice.


Imagen Interactive Questionnaires Newsle

Source: Really Good Emails


Real-Time Surveys

The possibilities of interaction can be focused on a commercial objective or simply serve as pure entertainment, from which information can also be extracted from the database. With a simple survey, it is possible to understand the preferences of users for future mailings.


Imagen Real-Time Questionnaire Newsle

Source: Really Good Emails


A final note: while interactive emails allow retaining the user in their email client, not all clients are compatible and may not display the elements for proper interaction.

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