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Gmail Promotions Tab: What impact on your Email Marketing?

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Imagen Gmail Promotions Tab: What impact on your Email Market

The launch of Gmail Promotions Tab has caused much ink to flow. Some experts predicted that open rates would decrease significantly as all promotional mailings would be grouped together in a single folder that the users would end up associating with a "trash folder".

With hindsight, what has been the actual impact? How does the Promotions Tab affect your sendings? Read on for a few facts and figures.

According to Envato Market, 60% of the newsletters are opened in Gmail. Therefore, to get the most out of your Email Marketing, you have to keep abreast of all changes the giant Google might implement to optimize their email client.

The launch of the tabs Promotions, Social and Notifications in 2013 was one of the most important changes in Gmail. The tab promotions gathers all mass emails: newsletters, promotional mailings... This classification was designed to help users manage and organize their inbox.




In March 2014, Gmail introduced a new display mode for the Promotions tab, much more “visual”, in which emails are displayed as “cards” within a grid, like the social network Pinterest.

To the question: Do these changes make your Email Marketing campaigns less effective?

The answer is NO:

  • Display of Gmail cards is similar to Pinterest with images that enhance user interaction.
  • Gmail uses an algorithm that tries to determine for every email, what are the most relevant image and text to be displayed. However, it is altogether possible to customize the cards specifying the image and content to be displayed, in order to achieve more personalized and attractive mails for your readers.
  • The Promotions tab has lead to a higher open rate as the users who visit that folder devote more time to select the emails they want to read. They know what they are looking for and they know it is promotional content. Since the introduction of these changes, Gmail conversion rates have increased significantly.
  • The grid view mode is not enabled by default for all Gmail users. Only users who agreed to join Gmail field trial have it available. 

Remember that not all users use these new tabbed categorization and new Promotions tab display mode. Therefore, your email marketing campaigns should be conceived and designed for both types of users: always pay attention to the subject line of your message, pre header and sender name of your sendings.

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