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Tricks to get your subscribers' click

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Click-through rate (CTR) is an essential metric to measure the success of most email marketing campaigns. Usually, the effort is focused on a call to action, but in informative newsletters, it is common to have several links asking to be heeded. Wherever it is, getting your subscribers to click through is a goal you can achieve (and increase) with these tips.

Visual recommendations

There are several design factors that influence the number of clicks:

  • Everything is linkable: adding links to different places usually works well and also allows you to learn from your subscribers' behaviour. For example: if there is a title, a photo, a link in the description and then a button, all linking to the same place, which one will get more clicks?



  • Colours: to be easy to find, any link should contrast with the background. A trick for monochrome designs is to differentiate elements, such as headlines or section names, by using underlining as a format (don't use it for any other purpose).



  • White space: it serves both to focus attention on the link (a promotional campaign) and to separate them if there are several (sending a selection of resources). In general, don't complicate the design: the more obvious it is where to click, the better.



  • Mobile: test to confirm that you are not losing clicks that may come from mobile devices. One trick is to make the buttons fit the width with a solid border (it doesn't need to be very thick, but it does need to contrast). 



As always, remember that the design must be accessible so that all recipients can see it on equal terms: preview and test sendings to check how visible your links are.

Textual recommendations

In terms of how to write to get more clicks, there are also some tricks that we have found to work for our clients:

  • Don't use jargon: although you can leave some references in the rest of the post, links are not the best place for it. They should be understandable to anyone and sound natural in conversation.
  • Don't use long words: this usually means that text is more complex to read and easy to skip over while scanning the message for what is relevant. The link is, so don't add difficulty.
  • Don't confuse: classic "buy" or "read more" links can be clear and direct if they are associated with a product or news item, for example, but can also be the opposite if they are mixed with several photos or texts.
  • Don't overdo it with creativity: a clear description of what the user will get is more effective than forcing them to stop and think. Losing the first impulse makes the second more difficult to achieve.
  • Don't scare away the subscriber: writing with action words is a trick to gain clicks, but it can also be seen as too aggressive if you overuse them. It is best to leave them only for links, thus acting as a CTA.
  • Don't leave it to the end: the link is the most important thing, so the whole campaign should be designed and written around it. Think about it from the beginning and you will see that everything flows more smoothly.

Our last recommendation is to avoid misleading clicks, although it may work for you in the short term, it can be negative and lead to more losses than profitability.

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