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What's a call to action?

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Calls to action (CTAs) refers to texts, links or buttons that invite users to perform an action. In email marketing it is especially important that the CTAs are strong, striking and attractive, as they are primarily responsible for increase the conversions of your mailings.

Basics rules when creating a call to action

Be concise. It is proven that the call for effective action is the one that has 5 or fewer words, so take your time to decide which message you want to give and find the shorter and more concise way to display it.

Denote urgency. Once your subscriber has read your mailing, what do you want him to do? To make a purchase? To try a product?... Whatever action you want him to do, denote urgency in your CTA's message to do it. For example, if you want your subscriber buy a product use "Buy Now" or if You want him to download an e-book use "Download it now" because they are short, urgent and effective messages.

Repeat your CTAs. It is recommended to repeat your CTAs in several different locations in your email so the user will have more than one opportunity to click on them. They can be displayed in different formats over email: through images, links, buttons...

Define objectives. Remember that all your campaigns should have a primary objective. You probably have several objectives but have to set priorities and an execution order. This should be apparent when defining your calls to action by sharing the same message. You can't put "Buy now", "Download it now" and "Get a discount coupon" in the same email because your subscriber will not know what to choose between so many different messages.

Position. Note that the position of the call to action in your email can make it effective or not even seen by the subscriber. When you open an email the part called "above the fold", which is located at the top of the mailing and is seen with no need to scroll through the rest of the email, is the most important. That, undoubtedly, is the place where you should locate your main call to action.

Design of calls to action

Once explained the main features that should share your calls to action, you wonder... How can I highlight them?

  • Size. As a title that you put it in a larger size to stand out from the text above, the call to action will have a larger size than other elements to gain relevance.
  • Blanks. Another way to accentuate your CTA is surrounding it with a blank because this way you could isolate from other elements and highlight it, making the subscriber focus on it
  • Color. Play with the colours palette of your email and make them have, where your call to action is located, a flashy color that help them to highlight above the rest of colors.
  • Design. Use the design putting shadows or gradients where's your call to action to awaken your subscriber's interest.

Remember that all calls to action should have links that lead, for example, sections of your site that relate to the message you're releasing.

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