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What's the best day and time to send emails?

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The most frequently asked question by our customers is what are the best days and times to send emails. There are a lot of studies, reports and infographics on this subject that provide data and more data, often somewhat contradictory. Today we will try to shed some light on the subject and give you some tips that can help you decide the best day and time to send mass emails.


Most emails are sent on Tuesday. According to an study by Get Response over 17% are sent this day. On Tuesday (apparently exactly at 11:45h in the morning), it's the most stressful day of the week professionally. The relaxation of the weekend allows us to overcome without problems Monday (despite the Blue Monday :) ), but Tuesday is the day that our stress levels are higher and when we are more aware of the workload of the week and it affects us more. Despite this, the largest opening ratios are on Tuesdays (about 18%), but the clicks ratio is very similar to rest of days of the week.


On Tuesdays the aperture ratio is high but not necessarily the ratio of clicks. At the beginning of the week it is when we receive a large number of emails and when less time is spent reading them. When approaching the weekend, instead, the emails volume reduces also our workload and when we have more time to pay attention to emails. It is therefore advisable to send at the beginning of the week our emails with more "educational" content, i.e. share the post of our blog, share updates, news, do branding ... and at the end of week send emails with more concrete actions: signing in a seminar, answering a survey, download an ebook ...


Despite the fact that when we check the most our inbox is in the morning, it is also the time when we want to be more productive. This means that we discard or leave for later those emails that we do not need to attend immediately. This can make that a newsletter ends archived without being read or deleted because are not a priority in our inbox. As a rule, email opening rates are higher in the afternoon / night and has its sense. In the morning we are super busy at work, after work we have to go shopping, go for the children, prepare dinner... When we finally sit down to relax on the couch, is when longer have and more likely we are to pay attention to those less urgent emails.


The answer is 'it depends', depend on the type of communication that we sent, our target and many other factors such as the time of the year.

It's true that there is some consensus on what days are best to send (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday), but in the end what really will set the best day to send is OUR AUDIENCE.

Our advice is, depending on your public target type you establish a day and start time and do tests to see how change your open rates and clicks depending on the day and time of the email campaign. Analyzing your statistics in detail will help you establish what are the best days and times to send your email campaigns for your particular audience. This is the most reliable metrics and the one that more ensure your success.

Bear in mind though, that not only the date and time of the email campaign influences the outcome of your email marketing actions, there are many other things you should work hard to get maximize your results, as the subject line, your campaign design or content among others.

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