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Accept all

Accept all" are those email addresses that may or may not be valid. There are email providers that accept emails to any recipient, regardless of whether or not what is in front of the "@" exists, although it is not a common type of address. Therefore, if your verification result shows "Accept all", we cannot be sure that these email addresses exist.

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Is it a good idea to include "accept all" email addresses in my lists?

If you have an email service with your own IPs, you may decide to include email addresses qualified as "Accept all" in your lists, as the results will vary depending on the quality of the contacts collected. In this case, you can send mailings slowly to give the system time to detect bounces. On the other hand, if you have contracted the email sending service with a company that requires you to maintain a low bounce rate (around 5%), it is not a good idea, as not having the certainty that these addresses are valid, your bounce rate may be triggered.

How can "accept all" affect my reputation?

As we have already said, there is no way to know if these addresses are valid or not before sending. Therefore, having them on our list can increase the bounce rate of our mailings so that, if our email marketing tool does not manage it automatically, we must periodically check the status of the contacts on our list to inactivate the permanent bounces.

Not properly manage the permanent bounces of our lists and accumulate a high rate of bounces in our mailings, will cause us to have a bad reputation as a sender and that email clients can send our mailings to the SPAM folder.

In addition, if the "accept all" we send to do not bounce, the percentage of unopened messages increases, so we will have a list of contacts that are not interacting in any way with our mailings, which will end up hurting us.

To prevent "Accept all" email addresses from affecting our reputation, it is very important not to buy databases and whenever we collect addresses online, to have the double opt-in configured to ensure the quality of our database.