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It is highly important to adapt the design of an email to meet the standard that ensures it is readable by all users, especially those with vision difficulties. An accessible email takes into account the colour of images, the contrast of the typography and adds alternative texts to images.

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What happens if my email campaign is not accessible?

In case your email campaign is not accessible or adapted, not all your subscribers and customers will be able to read it correctly. For example, people with dyslexia may not be able to understand your emails because of an unpredictable content structure, justified paragraphs or inappropriate spacing. Visually impaired people will also have problems understanding the content if the graphic elements of your newsletter do not have an alternative description. Finally, people with colour blindness or vision problems will not be able to see your campaigns correctly if your animations flicker, flash or are brightly coloured.

How do I design an accessible email campaign?

To design an accessible email campaign, you must take into account several aspects. For example, use a multi-device design. Improve your subscribers' experience and ensure that the design is responsive and compatible with mobile phones, tablets, screen readers and the most common browsers and readers. 

Other elements to consider when designing an accessible campaign are those related to font sizes and styles, text and use of colour. Try to avoid fonts smaller than 14 px and those that are too condensed and do not have uniform line spacing. Do not justify texts as they are more difficult to read and try to keep the difference between body colours as low as possible and use labels that make it easier for users to understand the information conveyed by differences in colour. 

Finally, take into account the size and underlining of links. They should be of a reasonable size, so that users do not need to be very precise with the mouse. Try to place them in places that are easily identifiable. Also, check if your email can be read well when it is enlarged, as visually impaired users tend to read with a zoom of more than 200%.