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AIDA model

The AIDA model is applied to the phases of the buying cycle and analyses the effects and relationships between them. It is used as a writing technique to persuade customers to make a purchase. AIDA is an acronym that stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.

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How to Apply the AIDA Model

In marketing, each letter of AIDA corresponds to a stage of the sales funnel: Attention at the top when you capture the user's interest, Interest is when you convince them to keep reading, Desire is built by enumerating the benefits, typically in the central part of an article or on a landing page, and Action occurs at the bottom when the user is persuaded and takes the final step to complete the purchase.

When applying the AIDA method to writing, you structure the content so that it aligns with the acronym:

  • The headline of a blog post corresponds to Attention because it aims to capture the reader's attention.
  • The first paragraph is where you pique their Interest, convincing them to continue reading.
  • Desire is built by enumerating the benefits in the central part of the article or on a landing page.
  • The Call to Action (CTA) is placed at the end, once the reader has been convinced and is ready to take the final step.

One of the advantages of the AIDA model is that it positively influences user behaviour, leading to higher conversions because the Action is presented as the logical next step after following the rest of the content.

Example for Applying AIDA to Email Marketing

To grab the user's Attention in email marketing, you need to craft a subject line that encourages them to open the email, for example, by adding a sense of urgency or humour to make it stand out. It can be measured by the open rate.

For generating Interest, the email template you choose plays a role, as well as the selection of product images. Personalization can make the email feel tailored to each subscriber, ensuring that the entire message is read. The number of unsubscribes can indicate if the email no longer provides value.

Desire can be measured by the time spent reading the email, indicating if the content has captured the potential customer's attention. For instance, a product launch campaign may have a shorter read time compared to an informative newsletter.

Finally, Action buttons are measured by the conversion rate, and copywriting is essential to ensure a high click-through rate. For example, a compelling call to action like "Apply my discount now" can encourage clicks.