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Anti-spam service

A service aimed at preventing spam emails by using programs on email servers to filter them out, ensuring that they do not reach the inbox of their users.

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Benefits of using an antispam service

Email servers receive a very high volume of messages, especially those of companies with many employees. Using a service that automatically categorizes potentially unwanted messages results in a significant savings of time and resources.

The reasons for this are related to productivity. On the one hand, it helps avoid distractions from irrelevant emails. Every time a new email arrives, it disrupts the ongoing task and forces the recipient to refocus their attention. On the other hand, it eliminates the need for a significant portion of the workforce to waste time deleting or marking the same type of emails as spam.

At a smaller scale, there are other benefits, especially those related to security, which is a great advantage whether shared or dedicated email servers are used. Antispam services prevent emails with viruses and phishing attacks from reaching the inbox. This reduces the likelihood of company computers malfunctioning or personal information being stolen.

How antispam filters work

The operation is based on a points system where a message is more or less likely to be considered spam. Antispam services have their own criteria and rules for assigning these points, but they typically start by examining the email headers where relevant information is stored to determine how many points to assign. For example, if the sender is on a blacklist.

They also analyse the content of the message to identify elements that distinguish spam, such as keywords, shortened links, or an excessive use of images.

The reliability of these services is quite high because they continuously improve based on the data they collect from the thousands of emails they filter. For instance, if an email is initially marked as spam but later confirmed by the user as legitimate, the service can learn from this and improve its accuracy. Furthermore, these services can be configured to automatically delete suspicious emails, making their management much more efficient.