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An attachment is a file that is sent along with the message, but it is only possible when sending transactional emails or using a mail manager. In mass campaigns, like the ones you can send using Acrelia, it is not possible to attach images or documents.

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Is it a good idea to add attachments to email messages?

When we add an attachment to a campaign, we increase the weight of the email, so it will also increase the time it takes for the message to load once our subscribers open it. The inclusion of large files can cause the reader to spend too much time downloading an email. This could cause them to unsubscribe from our contact list. In addition, if we attach a file, there is the risk of attaching - by mistake - a file that may be damaged or infected by a virus, which we must avoid.

How to share an attachment with your contacts?

As it is not possible to add an attachment to your campaigns organically, you should consider the option of uploading the file you want to share with your subscribers to an external server. In this case you should use a platform such as Dropbox, Google Drive, your website's file manager or any service that allows you to store files online. Once you have uploaded the content, you can use the URL to link the content to your campaign through a button, a banner, an image or a text box. This way, the subscribers who receive the campaign will be able to enjoy the content you want to send them and you will have statistics of the clicks received. Additionally, you will be able to know, therefore, who has consulted the file.