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B2C (Business to Consumer)

Business model in which companies interact directly with their end customers. In e-commerce, it involves having an online store where products or services are offered without intermediaries and without them being resold afterward.

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Advantages of B2C Commerce

Online B2C businesses benefit both small and large companies. Small businesses have the opportunity to reach customers without geographical limitations, while large businesses gain an additional space to showcase and sell their inventory.

Consumer products or services that are sold online typically have fast decision-making processes and, therefore, generate a lot of movement in the warehouse. Furthermore, the end consumer can closely track the location of their purchase from anywhere in the world, with the same confidence as if they had bought the product from a local store.

Examples of B2C Businesses

Walking down any street, you can find examples of B2C businesses: supermarkets, bars, gyms, bakeries, shoe stores, barbershops, law firms, car dealerships, appliance stores, language schools, ice cream parlours, toy stores, and more. These are all businesses that also market their products and services to end customers through websites.

Additionally, there are businesses that exist solely online, such as some clothing stores or gourmet food shops, as well as digital services like email providers or native digital media. Even though the customer interaction is entirely online, and they may never meet in person, these are also considered B2C businesses.

Email Marketing for B2C Companies

In B2C e-commerce, email marketing serves various purposes, although most often it is focused on conversion. Commercial campaigns are common for product launches and cross-selling. In the case of services, an informative newsletter serves as the perfect tool to position the company as industry experts and, therefore, confirm their choice as a reliable provider.

Unlike B2B where decisions tend to be lengthy, B2C utilizes images and text to spark immediate interest and impulse buying. This makes design and message segmentation very important to personalize content based on customer preferences. All of this is done to increase the likelihood of clicks and, subsequently, sales.