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B2E (Business to Employee)

Business model focused on turning employees into salespeople, typically on a commission basis for each sale achieved. It can also be applied to non-commercial relationships, such as enhancing the brand's reputation in internal communication.

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Advantages of B2E Commerce

Establishing strong business relationships with employees has several advantages both at the business level and within the internal structure. On one hand, employees who work for the company act as advocates among their contacts, making their messages more credible. On the other hand, they are more engaged with the business objectives and informed about product development.

Furthermore, when a company develops B2E policies not directly related to the sale of its products or services, it can do so through HR as part of employee career plans, training, or talent acquisition. This creates a stronger bond with the brand, and employees are less likely to consider leaving for another job opportunity.

Examples of B2E Businesses

Companies that base their business model on B2E commerce turn their employees into salespeople or distributors of their products. In this case, employees act as sales representatives and earn commissions, rather than fixed salaries. They often do not have to go to the office or store because they can work from home, where they may keep a small portion of the stock as a showcase.

Businesses that incorporate B2E commerce as an additional source of income can also work on a commission basis, although it is often treated as an incentive within the company's benefits. Their primary responsibility may not be to attract new customers, giving them more freedom to choose with whom they discuss their work.

Email Marketing for B2E Companies

In internal communication, email marketing can be linked to an intranet, portal, or information center for employees. Some of the messages will be notifications, such as when the payroll is available, a new training session, a job vacancy in a department, or monthly emails about their commission status to keep them motivated.

Email marketing for B2E can also focus on communicating CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) actions, meetings of shareholder partners, or any news that directly affects employees or may be of interest to them. The goal is to keep them informed to reinforce their commitment and seek their assistance in disseminating this information.