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Black Friday

Black Friday is a North American-origin celebration that kicks off the holiday shopping season by taking advantage of the significant discounts offered by stores. Its goal is to boost sales on a day that typically has low activity because it falls on the day after Thanksgiving.

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When is Black Friday?

Black Friday does not have a fixed date on the calendar like other international days, but it is celebrated annually on the last Friday of November. This falls on a working day after the major Thanksgiving holiday, which occurs on the fourth Thursday of the same month. This historical scheduling made it a less significant commercial event, as people were not typically shopping on this day.

To turn it into the first major pre-Christmas sales campaign and to boost their end-of-year financial results, retailers started offering significant discounts to encourage customers to leave their homes. This strategy worked, and now many customers take advantage of Black Friday to get a head start on their holiday shopping and save money, much like during traditional sales periods.

Cyber Monday takes place on the following Monday and is focused on online shopping, also offering significant discounts. This way, the last weekend of November has become a major commercial opportunity to kick off the holiday shopping season, including in Spain.

How to increase sales on Black Friday?

Email marketing is a useful strategy to encourage customers to make purchases on Black Friday without losing them for the year-end campaign. To increase sales on Black Friday, it's important to define the terms of the offers to make them attractive.

While Black Friday is technically just one day, many promotions extend throughout the week or even the entire month. Some users may already be anticipating the discounts, but you can still create a teaser campaign with a countdown. It's a good time to start segmenting your audience and sending personalized messages based on what you believe would be most interesting to each group.

Segmentation can also help with reminder messages the day before, on the same day for those who haven't opened any emails, or even on the day after if you plan any actions for Cyber Monday.

By carefully selecting your customers and customizing offers to present them with products or services they may be interested in, you can maintain a high likelihood of cross-selling for the Christmas season.