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In design, it is the central part of the template, located between the header and the footer. It can include various formats, such as text, images, or video, and can be visually organized in one or multiple columns.

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What should the body of the message include? 

When looking at the body of the message from a design perspective, it will encompass all the elements related to the template, whether created with an editor or in HTML, that are necessary for structuring our campaigns.

Thus, we can choose to add video blocks, QR codes, images and dynamic images, calls to action, links, or text blocks to include the necessary content.

What should I consider regarding the body of the message? 

When shaping the body of the message, there are different aspects to consider to ensure that the campaign's outcome is satisfactory.

Although images will play a significant role in the body of the message, it should never be filled only with images. It is important to include text, and this text should be distributed evenly with the photographs, especially at the top of the message. This is because it is the first thing that customers will see and will determine whether they continue reading the message or ignore it.

Furthermore, the message text should always be clear, simple, and direct. Otherwise, subscribers may abandon the message before finishing reading it. The time dedicated to reviewing such communications is brief, so we should be very direct. Only if we know that people are genuinely interested in what we are conveying can we send a lengthy text.

It is interesting to add multimedia content (videos, images, etc.) to the body of the message that arouses the customer's interest in what we are saying. If we can capture their interest, we can hold their attention for a few seconds and be closer to achieving our goals.

Finally, it is important to always include a call to action in the body of the message. This not only helps increase our Click-Through Rate (CTR) but also directs readers to the landing pages or sections of our website that are most relevant to us.