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A computer program that performs routine tasks, some of which may involve a certain level of intelligence. There are various types of bots, such as those that automate social media posts or conversational bots that can autonomously respond to customer service inquiries.

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What is the purpose of a bot?

Like any machine, a robot or bot is created to handle repetitive tasks that don't require decision-making, tasks that simply involve repeating the same actions over and over again. This is the most basic form of a bot, but there are more advanced ones that can perform functions imitating human behaviour, following a pre-programmed pattern or script.

The software of the bot determines whether it possesses artificial intelligence or is simply a waste of time for the user, for example, when it fails to provide the desired response. This is why bots can either enhance or hinder the customer experience, depending on how they interact with the bot, particularly when it's used for resolving inquiries during the purchase process.

Types of Bots

The chatbot or conversational bot is perhaps the most well-known type because it is commonly found on many websites to assist customers. It allows for the resolution of common inquiries 24 hours a day, outside of regular business hours. Simple chatbots can respond to frequently asked questions, while more advanced ones use artificial intelligence to engage in sophisticated conversations, such as Siri or Alexa.

Bots can also be classified based on the type of interaction they provide, whether it's text-only (with the ability to identify specific words for the best response), button-based (to guide users easily), or voice-based (capable of listening and speaking). They can also vary in terms of where they interact with users, such as on WhatsApp, social media, or a chat installed on a website for customer support.

There are many other types of bots, but they may not be as readily apparent to the average user. For example, there are search engine bots that index website content, bots that automatically collect email addresses from the internet for spamming purposes, and bots designed for playing games against a computer opponent, rather than just repetitive tasks.