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Buyer persona

A buyer persona is a representation of the ideal customer for a company. It includes all the characteristics that help understand their buying decisions, such as age, family situation, income, personality, consumption habits, reference brands, and more.

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Why is it important to know my buyer persona?

The profile of the ideal customer can be used in various aspects of a business, such as developing new products or features, designing the user experience of an app, or creating marketing campaigns. It's possible to have different personas for the same product, but it's essential to distinguish them from the rest of the users in the market.

Knowing the buyer persona allows for message personalization, addressing specific needs, or persuading customers to overcome purchasing obstacles. Without understanding the buyer persona for a product, the actions taken will not be well-focused, resulting in reduced effectiveness and profitability. Investing some time in defining these profiles will lead to better results.

How to identify your buyer persona

The initial buyer personas often tend to be inaccurate because minimal research is not conducted, and stereotypes or personal references that may not reflect reality are used. To identify the ideal customer, you can turn to purchase records or web analytics data. This data can provide a rough sketch of the persona.

The buyer persona template should be adapted to the available and relevant information, including data that can be used for segmenting campaigns or marketing actions. It's common to add a photograph and even a name to create a common reference when discussing the persona internally.

An example of a buyer persona might be a 45-year-old man who manages the marketing department of a small to medium-sized enterprise, subscribes to leading industry news portals, and has the goal of tripling the number of leads generated compared to the previous year. This persona might not be very relevant to a shoe store, but it could be highly relevant for a cloud-based CRM service, for example.

To gather more information about the buyer persona, you can explore publicly available profiles on social media, review opinions in forums, or conduct market research to gain a deeper understanding of the person to whom your messages should be directed and for whom your products are being developed.