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Call to Action (CTA)

A word or expression that persuades the user to take action. It can be placed on the submit button in a subscription form, in the checkout of a landing page, or be a link in a newsletter.

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If we want the subscriber who receives our newsletter to react to the call to action, it's essential that our CTA is of significant size and, therefore, stands out from the body of the email we are sending. Additionally, it's important to surround it with white space to ensure its visibility and that it does not get confused with other parts of the message, and for this reason, we should play with colour to make it stand out.

There are a series of rules we must follow when creating our CTAs to effectively achieve our desired outcome. We need to be precise with our message: it should be short and direct. If we're thinking of a CTA for a newsletter where we want to sell a product or service, one thing that will help us is creating a sense of urgency, as our subscribers are more likely to act quickly when we're asking them to do something.

What are the basic rules to follow when creating a CTA?

As mentioned earlier, there are different elements to consider when creating our CTAs. In addition to the ones mentioned earlier, such as a good size to ensure visibility, white spaces to make it stand out, and the use of attention-grabbing colours, we should also make sure to include only one CTA in each newsletter.

If we want to ensure conversion by our subscribers, it's important not to overwhelm them with too much information and multiple CTAs. In this case, we should focus on one CTA, design it attractively and effectively, and put all our efforts into making it work.

Apart from what's mentioned above, it's essential that all our CTAs fulfill the most important basic rule: they should be clearly focused on the goal we have in mind. Only in this way can we ensure that our CTAs perform their functions and deliver the expected results.

How to design CTAs effectively?

If we want to design an effective CTA, we need to try to persuade from the subject line, as this is the first contact with the subscriber.

Moreover, the brevity and clarity of the message are crucial. If the customer knows from the start what they will achieve, conversion becomes more accessible. On the other hand, being aware of the latest design trends will allow us to design much more attractive buttons and banners placed in the best spots in the newsletter.

If we want to ensure that our CTA will be effective on all devices and email clients, it's essential to check beforehand that our email campaign will be responsive and will display correctly on both desktop and mobile devices.

Also, remember that having a checklist of effective CTAs with the most important points to consider and reviewing it before sending campaigns will ensure that we always send quality content that is helpful.