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A type of writing that uses persuasion to achieve conversion, especially in landing pages and sales-oriented email marketing or advertising campaigns. Various techniques can be employed to accomplish this.

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Considerations for applying copywriting in an email campaign

It's crucial to execute effective copywriting; in an email marketing campaign, we can't only rely on the design of our templates. The message body holds significant importance if the goal is to prompt subscribers to take specific actions. Nothing should be left to chance, and careful consideration should be given to what is said and how it is expressed. The vocabulary should be simple and direct, avoiding jargon. It's also important to be natural and not overly verbose to facilitate readership.

Regardless of the chosen technique, conducting various tests is crucial to find the one that best aligns with our objectives.

Repeating key words multiple times throughout the message is important. This ensures that the reader stays engaged and reinforces the intended message.

Initiating persuasion from the subject line is essential to increase the likelihood of the message being opened by recipients.

Being persuasive does not negate the importance of personalization; in fact, it enhances it. Using tags and custom fields in the email body makes it more persuasive than sending the same content to all subscribers.

All copywriting efforts should be associated with a Call to Action (CTA), which can be adjusted based on the objective. Focusing on calls to action makes it easier to achieve goals.

It's worth noting that to successfully implement the aforementioned strategies, a deep understanding of the audience is essential. This ensures the creation of a message and content that is interesting and captures their attention.

Techniques for effective copywriting

There are numerous techniques to enhance copywriting, but three stand out: AIDA, PAS, and BAB.

  • AIDA Technique: Aims to grab subscribers' attention in the subject line, generate interest in the header, build desire in the message body, and prompt action through a CTA.
  • PAS Technique: Identifies the user's pain points (problems), agitates them to create discomfort, presents a solution to encourage action, followed by a call to action.
  • BAB Technique: Similar to PAS, it presents a subscriber's problem, proposes a solution, and positions the sender as the solution to the identified problem.

While the mentioned formulas are widely known, storytelling is gaining popularity. In this approach, the email body is used to tell a story, aiming to evoke emotions in the reader and establish a connection. The goal is for the reader to respond to these emotions by performing the desired call to action at the end of the email.