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A design element that displays a counter of the days and hours remaining until a specific date. It is used to add interactivity to the message since it is updated every time the recipient opens it.

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What is an email countdown?

As an interactive element, a countdown is a counter that counts down time to give dynamism to the email, usually static. It can be added to a header to make an impact at the first moment or between the message to give context to the date it signals.

Depending on when the campaign is sent, the counter will be key to making it more eye-catching. By counting days and hours, it can be set to complete the action within a week or just 24 hours. In this way it serves both to plan with a certain margin of time and to give a sense of urgency.

How to add a countdown in your email?

Although it is possible on a website, it is a bad practice to add HTML codes or scripts to your mailings to generate an email counter (or any other element). Just open the Acrelia News campaign editor to find the countdown block. After adding it, you can configure it very easily:

  • Choose the time it ends, including the time zone and if you want to show days or just hours, minutes and seconds.
  • Design the counter by changing colours and labels, adding separators and framing the digits.

The countdown will be perfectly integrated in the template you use without having to add any external code and it is responsive so it can be successfully displayed on mobile devices.

How to use the countdown?

When there is a deadline, using a countdown in your campaigns is the most visual way to communicate it. Promotions on the occasion of a special celebration are the most common examples: Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Black Friday, Christmas or any other day when you want to make an offer, such as a customer's birthday.

A countdown is also an incentive to encourage the recipient to register for an event or participate in a competition. It also creates expectations for product launches, new features or the opening of new shops. As it is always up to date, every time the user opens the message, they will see the counter in real time and will know how much time is left until the big moment.