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A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program is used for managing customer relationships and enables the historical tracking of various interactions, such as meetings, calls, or exchanged emails, as well as the documents sent, such as business proposals.

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What is a CRM used for?

The marketing and sales departments use CRM for tracking users who enter the top of the conversion funnel and progress to becoming customers. This often involves sending personalized automated messages via email, for example.

From the sales perspective, CRM is used to document and manage the entire sales process. This includes recording all messages sent, such as proposals, where email marketing plays a significant role in synchronizing databases to avoid duplication of information and improve efficiency.

The customer service department also uses CRM to simplify customer relationships by maintaining records of prior communications, products purchased, or services contracted. This allows for tasks such as segmenting email campaigns for high-value customers.

Examples of CRMs

There are numerous CRM programs available, and one way to categorize them is based on their hosting (cloud-based or on-premises). From there, you can select the most suitable CRM by considering their integrations and synchronization with other tools you are already using (website, email marketing, ERP), data visualization options (exporting charts for reporting, user profiles with different needs), or customization capabilities.

Here are some examples of CRM software:

  • Salesforce: Perhaps the most well-known in the market, offering extensive customization options.
  • Zoho: Offers a free CRM, making it a practical option for testing its capabilities.
  • Microsoft Dynamics: Part of the Microsoft family, ensuring wide acceptance in the industry.
  • Sugar: Known for its open-source roots, it is compatible with various operating systems.
  • Features modules that can adapt to the needs of smaller businesses and scale with them.

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