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A CSV (comma-separated values) is a file that has its column data separated by commas, although it can also be delimited by tab spaces or the semicolon character. It is commonly used to export and import information between databases, i.e., mailing lists.

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How to use a CSV file in email marketing?

CSV files are very simple because they don't have columns and you can't make formulas with their values: they only contain data, i.e., numbers and letters. That is why they are the best way to move information between databases, because they will be easily interpreted by all programs, such as spreadsheets and text editors.

In addition to containing the list of email marketing subscribers, a CSV can be used to export data and statistics. In this way it is possible to obtain specific details of the results of a campaign or to discover trends that may have been hidden in more general graphs.

How to download an email list in CSV?

Mail managers offer the possibility of exporting the data of the contacts we have in the address book. For example: Google has this functionality in the side menu of the main Contacts page to export all of them or just some, such as frequent or selected contacts. Outlook offers it from the "Manage" menu but also from the Contacts management page.

On the other hand, mass mailing platforms also allow you to export this information, mainly as a backup or to migrate from one provider to another. In Acrelia, you can do it from the Contacts section of the left menu to choose, in addition to the format, the type of subscriber and the fields to be exported.

How to import emails from a CSV file?

Once you have downloaded the CSV file, you can import it into both the email manager and the sending platform. In any case, it is important to remember that it is necessary to have the legal consent of the contacts to send them commercial messages.

In Acrelia, when importing your CSV, you can choose whether to create a new list or add the contacts to an existing one. Then, choose which field corresponds to each column of the file and they will be added to the list. In addition, we will check that there are no duplicates so you can quickly make a first campaign to communicate with them.