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Dark mode

Dark mode is a device configuration option that changes the colour scheme from light (predominantly whites) to dark (highlighting blacks) with the goal of reducing eye strain and conserving energy. It impacts the design of templates as it can alter the background colour and typography of messages.

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What are the benefits of dark mode?

Dark mode is most suitable for use when viewing a device in low light conditions. This way, the screen's brightness does not glare or strain the eyes, for example, in a dark room such as the bedroom before bedtime.

It's also very practical for individuals who spend many hours in front of a computer. In a work environment, lighting conditions are not as critical as reducing visual fatigue caused by staring at bright colours throughout a full workday.

Additionally, dark mode can be used both on computers and mobile devices. On mobile devices, in particular, it can be helpful in conserving battery life, ensuring the device lasts all day, especially for users who spend extended hours away from home.

How to enable and disable dark mode?

You can change the colour scheme of the entire computer or mobile device at once or apply it only to specific programs or apps. Furthermore, you can have your web browser in normal mode while choosing to view specific websites in dark mode.

  • Dark mode in Chrome: In the "Appearance" tab in "Settings," you can change the theme to one like "Just Black" or any of the dark themes created by the community.
  • Dark mode in Firefox: In the "Themes" tab within "Settings," you can choose between "Dark" or "Light," along with other more personalized options.
  • Dark mode on PC: In the "Colours" tab in "Settings," you can enable both dark mode for Windows and its applications.

In any of these cases, when you select one theme or another, you'll see how the colours of typography and backgrounds change.

How does dark mode affect the design of your campaigns?

Dark mode alters the colours of email messages in the same way it affects a webpage: it searches for the code in the message that corresponds to the background and converts it from white to black. Some email clients may interpret styles specifically created for dark themes, which might necessitate designing templates for both modes.

If the user employs dark mode, and the campaign hasn't been tested with that colour palette, it can impact the readability of the text. If the text does not contrast as effectively with black as it does with white, it will be more challenging to read and impede message comprehension.

Dark mode also affects images, which should be transparent and not have a white background to avoid being cropped, and icons or buttons, which may need adjustments like adding a white border to make them stand out when the mode is changed.