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Double opt-in

Double opt-in is the registration process that requires a double confirmation of the email address that will be added to the contact list. Unlike opt-out lists, single opt-in, or confirmed opt-in, double opt-in is the only method where the user has to take a double action to become a part of our subscriber base.

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How does Double Opt-In work?

Double opt-in operates with a double verification process when a person registers through a form to join our contact list. When a user fills out the form and submits their information, that email address becomes part of our database, but it remains inactive.

After completing this process, the user will receive an email in their inbox that allows them to confirm that the entered email address is valid and that they want to become a part of the subscriber list. Only after clicking the link they receive, the address becomes active and can receive the emails and newsletters sent to the list they've joined. Until the subscription is confirmed via the link, the address remains inactive.

What are the advantages of this method?

While it might seem like double opt-in lists could make it more challenging to add new subscribers to our lists, the double process that must be completed provides us with a guarantee: only those genuinely interested in our product or services will go through the entire process. Therefore, using double opt-in lists ensures that we have a solid, reliable, and responsive database because none of those on the list will have been registered by third parties or involuntarily. Completing a double registration process ensures that we have a refined contact list.

Additionally, thanks to double opt-in, we can be certain that there are no bots or malicious registrations among the contacts on our list. The double email confirmation prevents the use of bots or scripts to generate false registrations through our form, which could potentially harm us.