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Dynamic contents

In design, blocks of content that can be personalised according to the segment to which the recipient belongs. In this way, in the same mailing, you can make variations in images or text and choose which group of subscribers will see them.

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Why should you use dynamic contents?

Thanks to dynamic contents you can create fully personalized emails that are tailored to the interests of your subscribers. Your contacts will receive relevant content for them and you will treat them in a personalised way, showing each of them information adapted to their profile.

Since, thanks to dynamic content, the emails that subscribers receive are more personalised and segmented, the open rate tends to increase, the CTR increases and conversion improves. In short, you increase the volume of interaction of your contacts, you get your audience loyalty and increase the level of commitment to your brand, which translates into a significant improvement in the results of your sales.

In addition, you will save a lot of time as you will not have to create a separate campaign for each of the segments of your list that meet specific interests. You will be able to create a single campaign and filter the content you want to show to each segment.

In which cases can you use dynamic content?

Personalised content by location: if, for example, your product changes depending on the country, if a promotion is different depending on the city or if your company has different branches, dynamic content can be a great help. With a single campaign you can show your subscribers one information or another depending on their geographical area.

Personalised content by gender: you can define that the image or product shown in your email is different depending on whether it is male or female if you have information about the gender of your subscribers.

Personalised content by interests: if you have information about what type of product or service your contact is interested in, you can personalise the content according to their interests. Also, according to age, average spending, language and all the information of your subscribers that will help you to personalise the content and offer them a unique experience.