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Email marketing campaign

Sending to a list for commercial purposes, i.e., with the aim of publicising a product and encouraging its purchase. Email marketing is another channel to achieve this, in addition to, for example, an SMS campaign or a social media campaign. It does not have such a scheduled frequency as the newsletter as it depends on the offers that are made.

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How should I design an email campaign?

The email marketing campaigns that we send will be a complement to the communications that the company makes. Thus, we must take into account different aspects. 

If you have a style guide, you should consult which corporate colours should be used in the communications, as well as the typography and images. It is important to follow the brand image so that subscribers who open our communications quickly associate them with the brand.

In addition, we should put the most important information at the beginning. In this way, we ensure that if someone starts to read the message but closes it after a few seconds, he or she will have kept what we were most interested in communicating. In addition, the text should contain spaces and not be full of long paragraphs with endless sentences.

Images must always be accompanied by the alternative text. This is the only way that will ensure users who have the image download disabled will be able to see what content we are offering them and decide whether they are interested and download it or, if not, close the message directly.

You must take care of the copy. There are many copywriting techniques that we can apply in our mailings to generate interesting content that invites the user to continue reading to see all the content we have to offer. So, it's time to get creative, make different tests and choose the copywriting that best suits what we need.

Although the campaigns are mass mailings, personalisation is very important. If we take advantage of the information we have in our database and the information we collect with our statistics, we will be able to send much more attractive mailings to users and, in this way, even if they are mass campaigns, they will seem more personalised and will arouse the interest of those who receive them.

What types of campaign can I send to my subscribers?

Depending on the business we have, the range of possibilities will be more or less large, so let's see some of the campaigns that we can send to our database:

If we keep track of the statistics of our mailings and there are some subscribers who maintain a low engagement rate with our content, we can send them a re-engagement campaign to get them hooked again to our content and thus prevent them from unsubscribing from the list they are part of. In this case, it is important to take care of what we are going to send them in order to reawaken their interest.

If what we have is an e-commerce, we can send campaigns so that those users who have been looking at our website recover their shopping cart in case they have started to buy a product but have remained in the basket and have not finished the whole process. Another type of campaign that we can send either from e-commerce or from another company that sells its services or products are cross-selling campaigns: in this campaign we will try to sell products to our subscribers based on the last products they have bought from us.

We can also send additional campaigns that coincide with special dates: at Christmas to congratulate them on the holidays sending a special campaign different than the conventional newsletters we send them, in times of sales to show them what we have, coinciding with Father's Day / Mother's Day to announce special promotions...

And remember: we can also create automated campaigns so that when someone joins our list or celebrates their anniversary, they receive a special message.