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Email marketing

Email marketing is a marketing strategy that involves sending mass commercial messages to a list of subscribers. It uses segments to target messages to a more selected audience, similar to the target audience of an advertising campaign.

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What is email marketing?

Email marketing uses email as a system for the mass distribution of messages, making it the digital equivalent of traditional direct mail or direct marketing. However, it goes beyond that because segmentation allows for precise targeting of recipients, helping to focus the investment more effectively.

How to design an email marketing strategy?

The first step is to clearly define the role of email within the marketing plan, aligning objectives to meet the business needs. Over time, additional goals related to the strategy itself, such as improving open rates or click-through rates, can be considered.

The next step involves studying the available database, such as online store customers, loyalty program members, leads collected in the CRM, etc. By analysing the quantity and quality of this data, decisions can be made, such as creating a landing page to capture new subscribers or contacting them to request their consent for future communications.

With this information, it's time to translate the strategy into actions by determining what types of emails will be sent (newsletters, promotions, event notifications, etc.) and to whom they will be sent. It is crucial to define the recipients by establishing segments that group them, as each group may require a different message.

All of this also entails considering who the most appropriate sender is, what the best frequency, day, and time for sending are, and finally, the design that each email should have to make an impact on recipients and achieve the set objectives. Therefore, measuring the results is always the final step in any strategy, either with each email sent or over a defined time period.

Why is email marketing a good idea?

Email marketing is a cost-effective investment with a high return on investment (ROI) because it is highly customizable and quick to implement.

Furthermore, it serves many purposes: introducing company updates, obtaining registrations for an event or downloads of a guide, launching and selling products, building customer loyalty and increasing their purchase frequency, improving relationships with existing customers, and gaining the trust of new customers, among other objectives.