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Email verifier

A tool that checks that the email addresses in a list or CSV file are valid and do not result in bounces. These tools ensure that the addresses are well-written and belong to existing domains but do not guarantee that there is consent to send emails to them.

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Is it important to verify my database?

Yes, it is crucial to verify a contact list with a high number of invalid or non-existent email addresses. This can have serious implications for the deliverability of your emails and can impact the results of your campaigns, affecting your reputation as a sender. The solution is simple: verify your contact lists.

If you have an old database or one that hasn't received emails for a long time, it is highly recommended to verify it before starting any email campaigns. This ensures that you are only sending to addresses that are truly operational, avoiding false, incorrect, or inactive addresses in your databases and reducing the likelihood of emails sent to your contacts bouncing. It is also essential to ensure that there are no SPAM Traps among your addresses, as these are created to detect misuse of email.

Improving deliverability and maintaining a good sender reputation is easily achieved through verification.

When should I verify my contact lists?

As we mentioned earlier, one of the main reasons for verifying our databases is having a list to which we haven't sent emails for a while. It is estimated that approximately 15% of email addresses cease to exist each year.

In addition to the importance of verifying databases that have not received emails for a while, there are other reasons to verify before sending. If you have collected data on paper, addresses may contain errors. If you obtained email addresses through a lead magnet and they may not exist since the goal was to reach a "Thank you page" with a downloadable or discount. Also, if your website's subscription form does not include a double opt-in, and therefore, no confirmation email is sent to the contact before adding their address to the list.

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