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General Data Protection Regulation

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation that has been in effect since 2018 and is mandatory for companies that have users in their databases who are residents of Europe.

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How does GDPR affect my email marketing?

The General Data Protection Regulation, which came into effect on May 25, 2018, impacts how we can process and store subscriber data in our databases. Under the new regulation, we must have explicit consent from our subscribers, and implicit or implied consent is no longer valid.

It affects our email marketing in that this consent applies retroactively, meaning that we need to re-obtain consent from all subscribers who did not authorize us to use their data or who did so implicitly or by omission. If we cannot obtain consent from these subscribers, we should clean our lists to ensure they are not part of future mailings.

We are only exempt from seeking consent from our subscribers in cases where they have purchased a product or service from us. In such cases, our legitimate interest takes precedence, and we do not need their consent to continue sending them email communications.

Additionally, under the new regulation, we will need to reformulate all legal and privacy notices for any documents and media that collect data (such as forms linked to our website) to ensure compliance.

How to manage GDPR?

If your company is based within the European Union or if some of the data in your database belongs to EU resident citizens, you will need to manage GDPR because the new regulation affects you.

For new subscribers, it's as simple as adding a mandatory checkbox to your forms where subscribers confirm that they accept the collection, processing, and use of their data for commercial purposes.

For existing subscribers who already consented to the use of their data implicitly or by omission, you will need to send them a campaign asking them to confirm whether they authorize us to use their data and continue receiving our communications, or if they do not authorize it. You can also send them an informative campaign with a link to a form that allows them to update their data and confirm whether they want to authorize us or not.

If you use Acrelia to manage your email marketing, you have various tools at your disposal to collect consent from your subscribers to continue using their data and sending them commercial communications. You can include GDPR checkboxes in your forms and use templates that make it easy and effective to collect consent. Additionally, within your contact lists, you can filter subscribers based on whether they have accepted GDPR regulations or not.