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Gmail clipping

Clipping performed automatically by Gmail on email messages that exceed 102 KB in size. Instead of displaying the entire message, Gmail notifies the recipient: "[Message clipped] View entire message." This leads to the statistics not counting these openings and creates a poor user experience.

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What happens if my email exceeds 102 KB in size?

As mentioned, if your email exceeds 102 KB, people using Gmail as their email service will receive a truncated version of the message and will be given the option to view the entire message. In no case will this prevent the email from being sent, so if your email exceeds 102 KB and you need to send it, you can do so without any issues.

How can I avoid clipping?

One way to avoid clipping is to reduce the size of your images. You don't need to fill your newsletter with high-quality images. Image processors like Photoshop allow you to save files with web resolution. Additionally, you can host images on external servers, such as your website or online file managers.

However, excessive content in the email is not the only factor that can cause Gmail clipping. Copying and pasting text directly from external sources like Word or a website into an email campaign editor can add code that increases the message's size. Therefore, even if you have a few images, you could exceed the 102 KB limit, and it wouldn't be solely due to the amount of content. To avoid this, it's crucial to always paste content into a campaign from a text editor, such as Notepad, which allows you to copy the text without any additional code. If your editor permits it, another even simpler option is to copy the text specifying that you want to copy it as "plain text," so you'd be copying the text without the formatting from the source and, therefore, no associated code.

Finally, another factor that can lead to Gmail clipping is reusing email subject lines. This email client groups all messages with the same subject line from the same recipient. If the recipient hasn't deleted previous emails, this would increase the email's size and trigger clipping. Changing the subject line is important to prevent your messages from being truncated in email clients.