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Growth hacking

Growth hacking refers to a set of techniques aimed at boosting a company's business growth, preferably with the lowest possible cost. This includes actions such as email marketing, social media, search engine optimization, and any tactics that can acquire new customers quickly.

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Why is growth hacking important?

All companies have some strategy to increase their revenue, but it's usually reviewed once a year during annual planning and often includes traditional proposals. In contrast, growth hacking adapts to the daily emerging situations and constantly takes small, often alternative actions to contribute to the expected growth.

A growth hacker is responsible for identifying the most profitable themes and formats that can be leveraged to increase the company's visibility and boost its conversion rate. It's an opportunity for startups and companies with tight budgets.

Advantages of growth hacking

What is not traditional may intimidate some brands, but growth hacking has its advantages. Some of them include:

  • Constant analysis ensures that decisions are data-driven, seeking the optimal option and learning from mistakes.
  • It offers current, innovative, and different proposals compared to the competition, which inevitably becomes associated with the brand, benefiting it.
  • It has a low cost and a high return on investment, with the expenditure distributed across various actions, all contributing to the final result.

Examples of growth hacking

Growth hacking takes many forms, but it's characterized by its speed. For example, it's common to be asked for an email to receive a PDF document, but growth hacking can give away one on a very current topic to those who take a photo with the product and share it only on that day on their social channels.

It is also provocative, so it doesn't just offer the document in exchange for a social media comment. It might request a comment with a direct phrase like "I want it" or even something that no one understands to arouse more curiosity among their contacts, such as a date without additional context.

It constantly experiments, so it will only repeat what has worked best and will conduct tests and trials to find the most effective approach. One day, it might seek the involvement of an influencer, and the next day, it might target the competition. Without hesitation but with sincerity and surprise to grab as much attention as possible.