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When we talk about the header of the messages, we can refer to two different things depending on whether we are talking about the technical or design level. 

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What is, at a technical level, a header?

At a technical level, the header is the part of the message that includes the sending information, such as sender and recipient, date or the servers used. It should be noted that it is not visible to the user if they don’t look for it. We do not have to do anything, as it is a field that is filled in automatically.

These headers can give us a lot of information about the sending and can help us to understand problems related to the delivery of the mail. Each mail manager has its own options to show us the headers, but we can also see them using tools such as the one provided by Google or Analize my mail header.

What does a header consist of in terms of design?

If we talk about design, the header is the highest part of the template we are using to create our campaigns. It usually includes images that use the corporate colours of the company as well as the logo of the company or newsletter.

Despite this, it is possible to make variations in the header depending on the sending we are doing or the needs of each of the campaigns we want to send. Thus, the options we have to shape our headers are endless.