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Inbox placement rate

Percentage of messages delivered to the recipients' inbox compared to the total sent. A high percentage indicates that the campaign has good deliverability.

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What factors affect the inbox placement rate?

  • Content. When conducting email marketing, content is the most crucial component of what we send to our subscriber lists. Only with reliable content that doesn't include suspicious words or links will email clients allow our communications to reach the main inbox.
  • Spam. If one of our subscribers marks one of our emails as spam, it will consistently land in the spam folder, reducing our deliverability.
  • Maintaining a clean list that includes no email addresses considered temporary or permanent bounces is essential for ensuring a high inbox placement rate. Otherwise, these contacts will not receive our emails in their primary inboxes.
  • Blacklists. If our IP address has been blacklisted, all our emails will be directed to the spam folders, decreasing our deliverability.

How can I improve my inbox placement rate?

If you want to enhance your deliverability to ensure that the maximum number of your emails reach the primary inbox, you should consider the following points:

  • Avoid purchasing email lists, as it can result in a higher bounce rate due to the inclusion of outdated or inactive addresses. Verify your existing lists to ensure they are cleaned and that non-existent addresses won't receive your emails.
  • Leverage subscriber information for segmented email campaigns to send them content of interest. This way, you increase the likelihood that they will regularly open your campaigns, ensuring that their email provider displays your emails in the main inbox rather than redirecting them to spam. Additionally, maintain high-quality content.
  • Send re-engagement campaigns: If you have subscribers on your list who haven't opened your campaigns for a long time, consider sending them a re-engagement campaign to regain their attention. This way, your emails will again land in the main inbox, boosting your inbox placement rate. If these campaigns don't achieve the desired results, consider removing these users from your list. Remember, it's more important to have a smaller but engaged contact list than a large one that doesn't read your emails.
  • Ensure you send emails from a recognized and reputable sender address. This way, email service providers won't mark your emails as spam.
  • If you use Acrelia, make sure you use the spam validator. With our powerful tool, you can analyze your campaigns to identify content that might trigger spam alerts from email clients. Our validator provides a score from 0 to 5, helping you determine if any content needs modification to preserve your deliverability.