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Folder in the mail manager in which new messages received are deposited. Depending on which one is used, the user can configure it and create filters, for example, to show the unread ones first, divert those that include a specific word to another folder or organise it in tabs, such as promotions.

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What types of inboxes does Gmail have? 

The Gmail inbox is called "Inbox" and can be organised from the Settings menu to show important, starred or priority inboxes first, as well as unread inboxes. Only the default inbox is divided into the following tabs or categories:

  • Main: where the most common messages and those that do not fit into any other category go. 
  • Social: messages received from social networks. 
  • Promotions: marketing and advertising messages, also newsletters. 
  • Notifications: confirmation messages, invoices and other automations. 
  • Forums: messages from mailing lists and online groups. 

These tabs act like inboxes because messages are received directly into them and they have an unread counter, so the user can move messages between tabs to configure them to suit their needs, so no two inboxes are the same, even if you use the same Gmail. 

How do you organise your inbox? 

In addition to choosing which categories of messages will be displayed in the inbox and the order in which they appear, it is possible to organise the inbox with filters. You can create the rules you want, for example, to mark all messages from the same sender as read or to delete them directly.

Filters can also be created by considering words in the subject line or content, as well as its size or whether it has attachments. In this way, for example, a rule can be set up so that a company's newsletters are never marked as spam and always go to the inbox, or that they are labelled and archived.  

Another option for organising the inbox is to use Gmail's snooze functionality. The message will be saved in the "Postponed" folder until the time chosen by the user for it to be returned to the inbox.

Finally, it is also possible to have several inboxes for different accounts or simply import the messages to have them all in the same mail manager. In this case, the filters help to label the messages received by each account.