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Juice Jacking

Juice Jacking is a type of attack that mobile phones receive, resulting in the loss of sensitive data, security, and anonymity through malware installed on the device. This malware is also used for phishing.

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How are Juice Jacking attacks carried out?

Juice Jacking occurs when a user connects their mobile device to a charging point using a USB cable that has been corrupted and manipulated to transfer infected data to the devices. By its nature, it is a common attack in public places such as airports, stations, and other spaces that offer free charging points.

The malware is transferred to the phone when the user connects the USB to their device, without them realizing what is happening.

How can I protect myself from Juice Jacking?

Aware of this problem, mobile phone manufacturers have addressed this by default disabling data transfer when a USB is connected to the device. In this way, until the user accepts data transfer, a connection cannot be established. However, most of the time, modifications applied to USB ports still allow the desired malware to be sent.

To avoid infecting our device through this technology, it is advisable not to use public charging points and always charge the phone using original cables. In addition, if using a public charging point, a USB data blocker should be used to prevent our data from being transferred to third parties without authorization.