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Landing page

A landing page is the web page a user arrives at after clicking on a campaign. Its sole objective is conversion, whether it's making a purchase (when linked from an email) or registering on a list (when a subscription form is included).

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Should I use landing pages to complement my email marketing?

There's no definitive answer to this question. It depends on your email marketing strategy and the type of campaigns you're running. If you're sending an informational newsletter with linked news articles from your blog, redirecting your subscribers to a landing page may not make sense.

However, if your goal is to have people register for an event you're organizing, grow your database by offering downloadable content in exchange for registration, or encourage people to purchase a product or service you've just promoted, a landing page can be your best ally. This way, you're directing people where you want them to go and ensuring they don't get sidetracked on your website, where they might encounter numerous distractions that could divert them from your desired action. Keep in mind that you'll need to create a new landing page for each campaign.

What should a landing page look like?

Similar to the email template you use for your campaigns, it's essential that the landing page you redirect your subscribers to aligns with your corporate identity. This way, they won't have any doubts, and they'll instantly associate it with your brand. Therefore, you should maintain your typical typography and colour palette associated with your brand.

Additionally, you should include images that complement the text's content. A landing page should be visually appealing and invite visitors to stay on the page until they've completed the desired action. You should provide at least one call to action, placed at the end of the page, but you can choose to include multiple CTAs, all aligned with your campaign's objective that prompted you to design the page.

Lastly, if the landing page's goal is to generate leads, you'll need to include a form. You have various options for the form's placement: you can use a pop-up format, embed it in the page, or associate it with a button that offers something in exchange for user data.