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Link verifier

A link checker is a tool that verifies that all links inserted in a campaign are not broken.

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Is it important to use a link checker before sending my campaign?

Yes, using a link checker is crucial in our email campaigns. With a simple click, you can determine the status of the links included in your campaign, whether they are functioning or not. By validating links before sending the campaign, you can ensure that none of the links fail to load, and you have the opportunity to fix them if necessary.

The significant advantage of using a link checker is that it simplifies the process. There's no need to manually review every button, call-to-action, or hyperlink in the various text bodies of the message. A simple click allows the system to scan the link, providing you with instant results.

Sending a campaign with links that don't load or are incorrect can reduce the effectiveness of your email (resulting in fewer purchases, registrations, or inquiries) and negatively impact the interaction your subscribers have with the content of future emails.