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Marketing plan

A strategic document that outlines the tactics necessary to achieve objectives, broken down by the channels that will be used, such as social media marketing, search engine marketing, or email marketing. It includes the marketing mix, which consists of product, price, distribution, and promotion policies.

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What is the purpose of a marketing plan?

Within a business plan, there is usually a section dedicated to marketing that serves to coordinate all the strategies that will be implemented in the chosen channels. It takes into account general actions that affect the entire company and help potential investors assess their involvement in it.

When new products or services are introduced, it is also possible to design a marketing plan for their launch. In this case, the focus is on specific promotion objectives and a shorter timeframe.

In general, this document is reviewed annually to reallocate resources based on the results achieved. However, more frequent monitoring is necessary to address potential deviations and incorporate identified business opportunities.

The marketing plan is used to ensure that the entire department, regardless of the channel used, is organized around common objectives that will lead the company to fulfil its mission, always keeping the customer in mind.

How to create a marketing plan?

The first step in preparing a marketing plan is to understand the company's environment. This requires conducting both internal and external analyses to identify weaknesses and strengths. By visually representing them in a SWOT matrix, you can start to determine how to focus the strategy.

The next step is to specify marketing objectives that will be related to sales and business objectives. This is also where research about the target audience is included, so as to understand their profile and buying habits.

The action plan must consider all possible marketing tactics, such as SMS delivery, email campaigns, social media advertising, search engine optimization, growth hacking, etc. In each case, it is necessary to detail the resources to be allocated in order to derive an overall budget for the planned marketing investment.

Finally, this document also specifies the expected outcomes and the measurement to be performed, as well as when progress will be reviewed to make corrections or introduce new tactics to the marketing plan.