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A newsletter is an email sent to a list with the aim of informing subscribers about the latest developments or news in a company or industry. The frequency is usually regular, but it can depend on when these news items occur. Alongside more commercial campaigns, newsletters are among the most commonly used formats in email marketing.

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What is not a newsletter?

The term "newsletter" is quite self-explanatory, as it signifies "news by letter." While "e-newsletter" can be used for electronic or online communications, although it's not very common in English.

Sending PDF files, such as offers from an online store or a press release, is not a newsletter, even if sent regularly. A holiday greeting or a notice of a change in customer service hours also doesn't constitute a newsletter, nor do messages sent as blind carbon copies from an email client, even if they are sent to contact groups.

What is the purpose of a newsletter?

Due to its purely informative nature, the primary goal of a newsletter is not to sell specific products, although it does help sell the brand. It is, therefore, a tool that aids in building the company's reputation, rather than promoting specific services (for which more directly conversion-focused campaigns are sent).

Creating a newsletter opens up a channel of communication with subscribers, typically individuals interested in the company or customers. It serves as a constant reminder of the brand and provides updates on everything the company is doing, from explaining what's happening in specific departments to events the company has participated in. Thus, it serves as a means of customer loyalty and trust-building for those who are not yet customers because it presents the corporate activity in an appealing manner.

How to create a newsletter?

A newsletter is a mass email that should be sent through a reputable email service provider that allows for the legal management of subscriber lists, customizable and professional content design, and measurement systems to analyse the results achieved.

To keep subscribers informed, news items can be published on a corporate website or blog section, and then a compilation of these updates, either weekly or monthly, can be sent as a newsletter. This way, creating a newsletter becomes another distribution channel to connect the company with potential customers.