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Opens by device

The openings by device is the data that allows us to know on which device (computer or mobile) a campaign has been viewed, including the version of the operating system (Windows, iPhone...) and the email manager used (Gmail, Outlook...) to check it. 

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Why is it important to know from which devices our campaigns are opened?

Knowing from which device our campaigns are opened, and if the subscribers read them more from mobile or computer, is a data that will be useful for us to optimize our mailings.

As is obvious, the resolution and size of the screen changes depending on the device used to access the email. This resolution will mean that when our subscribers receive an email from us, they will see the entire subject and pre-header or that these will be cut off and information will be lost.

So, while with the computer we have much more freedom and we can use up to 50 characters, the data says that the width of the mobile screen makes it inadvisable to write subjects and pre-headers of more than five words - or 30 characters - if we do not want to lose the information along the way and our subscribers cannot see them in their entirety without opening the email.

If what we want is to start persuading from the subject line and that it can be read well, we must take into account whether the majority of people who read our mailings do so from a mobile device or desktop. Therefore, it is important to always analyse the statistics of all our mailings, since in addition to important indicators such as the open rate, they will also show us in detail from which devices subscribers open our communications.

In addition, although it is a check that should always be done, if we know that most of our subscribers read our newsletters from mobile phones, we must ensure that the designs of our communications are fully responsive and test them to certify that the mailings can be read correctly on all devices. 

What devices are most email marketing campaigns opened on?

For years now, the growing trend of mobiles and tablets has meant that more and more email marketing campaigns are being opened from mobile devices. This is marked by our consumption habits, and is that portable devices have gained a very important weight in our day to day. The opening rate of campaigns from alternative terminals to the PC has already exceeded 50%, a figure that will continue to grow over the years. This is why it is very important that the campaigns that are being sent are responsive and we do not lose subscribers along the way or sacrifice our opening rate by not optimising the sending.

One thing we should always be clear about is that the opening devices of email marketing campaigns will be conditioned, to a large extent, by our contact list. That is, if we are sending B2B campaigns, most of them will probably be opened from a computer, given the nature of the campaigns. On the other hand, if we are sending to a B2C list, it is likely that our subscribers will consult the newsletters from mobile or other portable devices and to a lesser extent from the PC.