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The preheader is the part of an email template that appears before the header of the email. Email clients display it alongside the subject line as a way to provide a preview of the email's content. It can be customized to be different from the first words of the email message.

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How to use the preheader in your email campaigns?

Making good use of the preheader allows you to ensure that the first words your subscribers see after the subject line are not just "View in Browser" or "Advertisement." 

The extra space provided by the preheader should be seen as a second chance to grab your subscribers' attention and encourage them to open your emails. There are various ways to leverage the preheader effectively:

  • Complement the Subject Line: You can use the preheader as a complement to the subject line. If you're using a short subject line to avoid truncation, you can use the preheader to continue the message or provide more context.
  • Provide Additional Information: Use the preheader to offer additional information that builds on what's mentioned in the subject line. This can pique the subscriber's curiosity and make them more likely to open the email.
  • Remind the Subscriber: Consider using the preheader to remind your subscribers why they are receiving the email. This can help reinforce the value of your content and the recipient's interest.

Properly using the preheader can help your emails stand out in your subscribers' inboxes and improve your open rate.

What should be the length of the preheader?

Like the subject line, there is a recommended length for the preheader. Although the character limit may vary in different email clients and depends on factors like screen resolution and whether the email is being viewed on desktop or mobile, it's advisable to keep the preheader to around 60-70 characters.

A very short preheader may result in your subscribers seeing not only the subject line and the preheader but also the "View in Browser" link. On the other hand, using too many characters in the preheader could lead to it being cut off, which reduces its effectiveness as subscribers may not be able to read it in its entirety.

Additionally, composing a very long preheader and overusing this extra space might overcrowd your subscribers' inboxes, making them less inviting to open. Therefore, it's best to adhere to the recommended character limit and configure the preheader with code to display the rest of the space as blank. This not only helps your emails stand out but also provides a visual break in the inbox, drawing attention to your message.