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QR Code

A matrix of dots that stores and transmits information, such as a URL or contact details. To interpret the code, an optical reader or an app utilising the mobile camera is necessary. A difference from barcodes is that QR codes use squares in their corners to facilitate reading.

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Uses of QR codes

As mentioned, QR codes allow for the quick storage and transmission of information. The most common use is redirecting people to a specific website for consultation. Increasingly, bars and restaurants use these codes to enable people to access digital versions of their menus. Some establishments go a step further, allowing customers to order food directly through the code, including payment services.

Beyond the hospitality industry, entertainment venues often share QR codes for purchasing tickets to concerts and shows. Nowadays, many event tickets are delivered in the form of QR codes, scanned at the entrance to grant access to different venues.

However, the use of QR codes is not limited to leisure and dining; they can also be employed in email marketing.

How to use QR codes in email marketing campaigns

Generating a QR code is straightforward. Email marketing platforms like Acrelia allow users to create these codes. Numerous websites on the internet also enable users to generate a code based on the provided information. Thus, creating a code to include in campaigns is easy. The question is, how do you integrate a QR code into your email marketing?

The code can be integrated into the email body, leading to a landing page that provides access to a special promotion only for users who have scanned the code. Alternatively, it can be included on the website, directing users to a form to join the contact list and receive newsletters and campaigns.

Another option is to add a QR code in the email body leading to a form for gathering more information about users, allowing for more segmented email campaigns.

The options are diverse, but it's crucial to carefully consider where to place the codes to avoid distracting users from the rest of the content.

Disadvantages of QR codes in campaigns

While more and more mobile phones come with built-in QR code readers in their cameras, and websites allow users to upload codes for online opening, it is still sometimes necessary to download an app to read codes. It's important to consider that some subscribers may not have the ability to download such software, and some may be unwilling to install an app they will only use a limited number of times.

Additionally, despite being visual, a banner or button with a CTA will likely attract more attention than a QR code if the goal is to direct subscribers to specific information. Clicking is much faster and without added complications.

If, despite these considerations, you want to include a QR code, adding a URL as an alternative method for users unable to read the code is an option.