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The subscriber to whom the sender sends a message. They are the target of the communication, and their name and email address appear alongside "To" in the email client.

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Who is the recipient of an email?

In an email marketing campaign, there can be thousands of recipients, but the user will never know this because they only see their own data. Mass mailings are personalized to give the appearance of a message exchange between two contacts, although one can easily identify that this is not the case by looking at the sender ("From"), indicating that it's part of a distribution list.

How to send an email to multiple recipients?

Using an email client like Outlook or Gmail, you can simply select names from your address book or type them to have their addresses auto-complete. However, when sending through a mass email platform, you need to select recipients from your list, for instance, by segmenting to send to all contacts from the same company.

What is CC and BCC in email?

Adding someone to the "CC" (Carbon Copy) of an email means these individuals are not the primary recipients, but the sender wants them to see what the conversation is about, for example, for internal tracking purposes. When using CC, all email recipients are aware of who is in the CC list, while those in the BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) receive the message without the knowledge of other recipients.

Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) is used for generic and non-personalized mass mailings to multiple people so that they do not have access to the information of the other recipients. This practice comes with two risks: first, it's easy to make a mistake and send it as a regular CC, where everyone can see who it was sent to; second, it often leads to spam complaints as recipients cannot easily unsubscribe.

When using an email marketing platform, you cannot use CC and BCC fields to "copy" other users as you would in an email client. The correct way to handle this is through segmentation so that everyone can be considered recipients, both the primary ones and any secondary recipients you want to include.