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Rented phone list

A list of mobile numbers belonging to current or potential customers of a company to which there is temporary access, and its use is limited according to the contractual conditions formalized between the provider and the client.

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Reasons NOT to rent phone lists

Having your own contact list, even though building it from scratch and gaining a considerable number of subscribers is a long-term race, has advantages over working with a rented contact list:

  • SMS campaigns work better when sending information to contacts who genuinely chose to receive your communications. If you send to subscribers from a third party, they may feel annoyed and unsubscribe or not read it.
  • When renting a contact list from a third party, you are unaware of its quality: How old is the list? Is it up-to-date? How often does the owner send communications from third parties? Are the contacts on this list "burned out" because they receive a high number of commercial communications? All these questions can affect the performance of your campaign.