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In email marketing, a set of parameters related to spam that are assigned to a sender to measure whether their deliveries are good or bad, in other words, if they can be trusted or not. A poor reputation affects deliverability because it implies that the sender is sending too much unwanted emails, and providers may even block them.

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How is reputation calculated in email marketing?

There are tools like Sender Score Return Path, WatchGuard, or Talos Intelligence Group that can provide a reference for free. However, each ISP (Internet Service Provider) has its own calculation for sender reputation. In Sender Score Return, for example, when we enter our sending IP, the tool provides a score from 0 to 100. The higher the score, the better the chances of high deliverability. Conversely, a low score would indicate the need for improvement, although it doesn't necessarily mean that everything you send will end up in the spam folder.

How can you improve your reputation as a sender?

There are several solutions to make the parameters that measure sender reputation work in your favour.

  • First, verify your domain and IP. The most direct way to confirm that you are the one sending each message is through SPF (Sender Policy Framework) authentication for IP and DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) for the domain.
  • Second, protect your senders by using different senders depending on the type of notification, for example, transactional notifications and loyalty newsletters. This way, each sender will have its own reputation.
  • Third, maintain your list by using double opt-in to avoid falling into ISP traps and removing bounced emails.
  • Fourth, offer content of interest by asking for information during the signup process that will help you segment and personalize your messages. This way, users won't consider them as spam.

Finally, focus on quality by using a spam filter to review your campaigns and ensure that none of them could be classified as spam.