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Role address

An email account that is not assigned to an individual with a first and last name but rather to a position, department, or group of people. It is used to avoid frequent changes and to distribute emails among multiple accounts. Examples include addresses like newsletter@, info@, or sales@.

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What Happens If I Have Many Generic Addresses in My Database?

Recently, experts in email marketing have delved into various indicators to assess the condition of contact lists. In this context, generic email addresses have emerged as an indicator that suggests your lists may not be well-maintained or created using best practices.

As these addresses are primarily associated with job positions or departments within a company, rather than a specific individual, their interest and interaction with your mailings are typically lower. This could potentially have a negative impact on the results of your email marketing and the deliverability of your mailings.

Therefore, it is only advisable to include these addresses in your lists when you have the explicit permission of their owners and when you know that it is an email address that is used and checked on a daily basis.